Peter Skillman Design

HERE Auto remakes the dashboard at Mondial auto show - HERE Three Sixty

Here for Galaxy Gear + the Here Android Application experience including Glympse integration and the HERE contextual menu.

Android fans rejoice: HERE for Samsung Galaxy smartphones - HERE Three Sixty

A cantilevered light I just designed and had machined…When complete it will be powered with a Philips HUE LED strip.  There is a 20mm tube inside of a 36mm tube to insure all of the light is properly distributed with no individual LED’s viewable.  I’ll add photos when installed…

All you need is love: a design perspective on connected cars | NEXT Berlin

A day in Berlin connecting love, location and design to the challenge of connected cars…

Designing the Connected Car: Peter Skillman at SxSW - HERE Three Sixty

My 2006 Talk at Ted in Monterey.  3 minutes on the “genius of kindergarteners” seen thru the experience of the Spaghetti Challenge.  Sat right between Al Gore and Burt Rutan.

Pretty cool.

Paul Wex Films with HERE 3D data…He’s a very creative film maker who works his short cuts and transition nicely.  See his other work including “Cuba” for some excellent approaches for close crop and focus.

Our new version of its HERE Drive+ and HERE Drive apps for Windows Phone 8. The update offers improvements to the way traffic information is displayed and used in the app, provides a way to view a route overview of turn-by-turn instructions when commencing a navigation session, and adds a new “find my car” feature. 

In previous versions of HERE Drive, traffic information was only displayed and used in the My Commute section (aimed at optimising journey times for pre-defined daily routes). In the new version, traffic information is displayed in all map views, including navigation mode. Traffic conditions are also taken into account when estimating arrival times.

As with HERE Maps, traffic information is displayed as an overlay on the map, with lines colour coded according to the severity of the traffic (green = clear, yellow = moderate congestion, and red = heavy congestion). This allows you to see, at a glance, traffic conditions on both the road ahead and surrounding roads.

Traffic information is updated in real time automatically, without any need for user intervention. In navigation mode, estimated arrival times are adjusted accordingly, with information about the impact of traffic (e.g. arrival time include 4 mins traffic delay).